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30th Anniversary Tawny Port
$60 each
Shiraz 30th Anniversary Tawny Port
Made from old-vine Shiraz and aged for 12 years in French oak barrels.
'Alexander Munro' Chardonnay
$50 each
2021 Chardonnay 'Alexander Munro' Chardonnay
Single vineyard Chardonnay from a 40+ year old planting.
'Alexander Munro' Semillon
$50 each
2015 Semillon Meerea Park 'Alexander Munro' Semillon
Our flagship Semillon made from our best 'individual vineyard' parcel of fruit.
'Alexander Munro' Semillon - Aged Release
$80 each
2012 Semillon 'Alexander Munro' Semillon - Aged Release
Our flagship Semillon made from our best 'individual vineyard' parcel of fruit. Aged for 9 years prior to release.
'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
$110 each
2018 Shiraz Meerea Park 'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
Our flagship Shiraz that is made from the best single parcel of Shiraz grapes we harvest each vintage.
'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
$125 each
2014 Shiraz Meerea Park 'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
The best parcel of Shiraz each year is used to make our Flagship Shiraz, the 'Alexander Munro'.
'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
$200 each
1997 Shiraz Meerea Park 'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
The first vintage released of 'Alexander Munro' Shiraz.
'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
$115 each
2019 Shiraz 'Alexander Munro' Shiraz
Made from the best parcel of 2019 Shiraz, which was from the 'Roche Estate' vineyard in Pokolbin.
'Alexander Munro' Shiraz- Aged release
$125 each
2009 Shiraz Meerea Park 'Alexander Munro' Shiraz- Aged release
Our flagship wine made from the best parcel of shiraz fruit we receive each year
'BLACK' Shiraz
$250 each
2014 Shiraz Meerea Park 'BLACK' Shiraz
This wine has exceptional length of flavour with a lingering back palate.
Bottle Blonde Moscato
$25 each
2020 Moscato Sweet White Bottle Blonde Bottle Blonde Moscato
An aromatic drink now wine with lifted musk stick and lychee fruit characters. Sweet and fruity with a slight spritz.
Bottle Blonde Pinot Grigio
$16 each
2019 Pinot Grigio Bottle Blonde Bottle Blonde Pinot Grigio
A refreshing Pinot Grigio made in a racy zesty style.
Bottle Blonde Prosecco
$25 each
Prosecco Bottle Blonde Bottle Blonde Prosecco
A refreshing Non Vintage sparkling wine.
$16 each
2020 Chardonnay Chardonnay
Lightly oaked flavoursome Chardonnay from Victoria.
Daisy Hill Shiraz
$50 each
2019 Shiraz Daisy Hill Shiraz
Joint venture between Meerea Park and Ian and Peter Kindred. The Daisy Hill vineyard was replanted after the devastating 1969 Pokolbin bushfires.
'Great Scot' Shiraz
$50 each
2019 Shiraz Eather & Tedder 'Great Scot' Shiraz
A joint venture Shiraz of Meerea Park and Glenguin. Honoring two Great Scots.
'Hell Hole' Semillon
$30 each
2021 Semillon 'Hell Hole' Semillon
Made from old-vine Hunter Valley Semillon in the traditional un-oaked style.
'indie' Finger Lime Gin
$80 each
White Wine 'indie' Finger Lime Gin
Gin distilled from 2020 Hunter Valley wine and infused with native Finger Limes.
'indie' Marsanne Roussanne
$30 each
2021 Marsanne 'indie' Marsanne Roussanne
A blend of 63% Marsanne and 37% Roussanne from the Lochleven Vineyard in Pokolbin.
'indie' Pinot Noir
$30 each
2020 Pinot Noir 'indie' Pinot Noir
Single vineyard Pinot Noir from the 'Lochleven' Vineyard in Pokolbin.
'indie' Pinot Shiraz
$30 each
2020 Pinot Noir Shiraz 'indie' Pinot Shiraz
A blend of 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Shiraz from the Lochleven Vineyard in Pokolbin.
Late Harvest Semillon
$25 each
2019 Semillon Meerea Park Late Harvest Semillon
Late picked Hunter Valley Semillon of medium sweetness.
NV Sparkling
$25 each
Sparkling White Wine Bottle Blonde NV Sparkling
A fun fruit forward sparkling wine.
$25 each
2020 Rosé Meerea Park Rose
A fruit driven clean and fresh Rose made from Sangiovese and Shiraz.
Semillon Cleanskin (12 x 750ml)
$14.40 each
2017 Semillon Semillon Cleanskin (12 x 750ml)
Made from old-vine Hunter Valley Semillon in the traditional un-oaked style.
'Terracotta' Semillon
$35 each
2016 Semillon 'Terracotta' Semillon
This Semillon is made from grapes grown on red soil and released after a minimum of 5 years bottle maturatiion.
'The Aunts' Shiraz
$35 each
2020 Shiraz 'The Aunts' Shiraz
Old vine Pokolbin Shiraz mature in French Oak for 18 months.
'XYZ' Chardonnay
$25 each
2021 Chardonnay Meerea Park 'XYZ' Chardonnay
A modern crisp Chardonnay style. Barrel fermented, but no malolactic fermentation allowed.
'XYZ' Semillon
$25 each
2021 Semillon 'XYZ' Semillon
A fresh and lively Semillon sourced from three old-vine Hunter Valley vineyards.
'XYZ' Shiraz
$25 each
2020 Shiraz 'XYZ' Shiraz
A contemporary Hunter Shiraz, grown in Pokolbin and matured in large format French Oak barrels.