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'Alexander Munro' Semillon
$50 each
2015 Semillon Meerea Park 'Alexander Munro' Semillon
Our flagship Semillon made from our best 'individual vineyard' parcel of fruit.
'Hell Hole' Semillon
$30 each
2021 Semillon 'Hell Hole' Semillon
Made from old-vine Hunter Valley Semillon in the traditional un-oaked style.
Late Harvest Semillon
$25 each
2019 Semillon Meerea Park Late Harvest Semillon
Late picked Hunter Valley Semillon of medium sweetness.
Old-Vine Semillon
$40 each
2016 Semillon Meerea Park Old-Vine Semillon
Early release Semillon off the famed 'Braemore' vineyard. To be released as 'Alexander Munro' Semillon in 2022.
'Terracotta' Semillon
$35 each
2016 Semillon 'Terracotta' Semillon
This Semillon is made from grapes grown on red soil and released after a minimum of 5 years bottle maturatiion.
'XYZ' Semillon
$25 each
2021 Semillon 'XYZ' Semillon
A fresh and lively Semillon sourced from three old-vine Hunter Valley vineyards.