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'Alexander Munro' Chardonnay
$50 each
2019 Chardonnay 'Alexander Munro' Chardonnay
Our reserve Chardonnay from the old-vine 'Casuarina' Vineyard on Hermitage Road which is barrel fermented in French oak
'Alexander Munro' Semillon
$50 each
2014 Semillon 'Alexander Munro' Semillon
Our flagship Semillon made from our best 'individual vineyard' parcel of fruit.
'Alexander Munro' Semillon - Aged-release
$80 each
2011 Semillon 'Alexander Munro' Semillon - Aged-release
Our flagship Semillon made from our best 'individual vineyard' parcel of fruit.
Bottle Blonde Moscato
$25 each
2020 Moscato Sweet White Bottle Blonde Moscato
An aromatic drink now wine with lifted musk stick and lychee fruit characters. Sweet and fruity with a slight spritz.
'Hell Hole' Semillon
$30 each
2019 Semillon 'Hell Hole' Semillon
Single vineyard Semillon released in current year.
'indie' Marsanne Roussanne
$30 each
2018 White Blend 'indie' Marsanne Roussanne
The Hunter Valley's take on the famous Rhone Valley blend.
'indie' Roussanne
$30 each
2018 White Wine 'indie' Roussanne
Roussanne is native to France's Rhone Valley, but rare in Australia. Usually blended with Marsanne and or Viognier.
Late Harvest Semillon
$25 each
2019 Semillon Late Harvest Semillon
Late picked Hunter Valley Semillon of medium sweetness.
Pinot Grigio
$25 each
2019 Pinot Grigio Bottle Blonde Pinot Grigio
A refreshing Pinot Grigio made in a racy zesty style.
Sauvignon Blanc
$25 each
2019 Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Blonde Sauvignon Blanc
A fruit driven clean and fresh Sauvignon Blanc.
'Terracotta' Semillon
$35 each
2015 Semillon 'Terracotta' Semillon
This Semillon is released after a minimum of 5 years bottle maturatiion.
'Terracotta' Semillon
$50 each
2013 Semillon 'Terracotta' Semillon
Aged Semillon from an old-vine red/basalt clay soil vineyard.
'XYZ' Chardonnay
$25 each
2019 Chardonnay 'XYZ' Chardonnay
A modern crisp Hunter Chardonnay style. Barrel fermented, but no malolactic fermentation allowed.